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In some cases we have more than one Ortelius map for you to choose from.  Please inquire.

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 Abraham Ortelius, c.1608, Cyprus. Old original color, about 13 3/4 by 19 1/2 inches. A very handsome map of the island of Cyprus including an inset of the island of Lemnos.  There are less than 200 remaining. This will be outstanding when framed. $2500


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     Abraham Ortelius. c. 1624. Sicliae Veteris Typus. Colored, about 14 1/2 by 19 inches. A very handsome map of ancient Sicily. The map is a riot of decorations. Three large strap work cartouches are included, one being an inset of Syracuse, three sea monsters and six ships on a stippled sea.  Ortelius' genius is very apparent in this stunning  and highly decorative map! 

The map was based on Gastaldi's 1545 earlier map of Sicily.  It shows mountains, rivers, lakes, cities, towns and settlements.    About 3400 were originally printed of which few remain.  Condition is very good.  $1750 

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     Abraham Ortelius, c.1595, Cyprus-Insularum Aliquot.  Old original color and measuring about 14 1/4 by 18 1/4 inches. A very handsome map of the islands of Cyprus, Euboea, Rhenia, Icaria, Rhodus, Chios, Samus, Cia et Ceos, Lesbos, and Lemnos.  This is a very nice map is perfect condition.  There are less than 100 copies available.  This is a very rare map.  $2750

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 Abraham Ortelius, c.1612, Argonautica. Expressive later color, about 13 1/2 by 19 1/2 inches. This is a classic map of the ancient Argonautic Empire.  The map beautifully details the Eastern Mediterranean region and includes insets of Thessalia and Marmora and Europe. When the map was originally printed there were 2650 copies, today there are less than 55 available.  $1,515

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 Abraham Ortelius, 1624, Aeneae Troia,  Attractively colored, about 13 1/2 by 19 1/4 inches.   This is an exceptionally beautiful map that depicts Italy, Macedonia, North Africa extending to Tunisia, and the coastal area of Turkey and the Holy Land during the travels of Aenaeas.  The land masses include little detail besides name and the locations of important towns, cities and rivers including the Nile Delta. The seas however are beautifully detailed.  They are drawn with bold wavy lines and carefully outlined.  There are two large groupings of sailing vessels on the seas.  One of which is written about by Xenophon, Ovidius, Lycrophonous, and most extensively by Vigilius in his Aenaeas.  Aenaeas is reported to of roamed the seas for seven years.  In the course of these travels, only seven of the 20 original ships survived.  The map includes these seven ships in the bottom right-hand corner. The map has three very beautiful cartouches.  In the top center of the map is a cartouche that includes the title Aeneae Troiani Navigaio, in handsome calligraphy and bold, intricate strap-work.  In the top right corner is another equally attractive cartouche with elaborate strap-work and calligraphy.  At the bottom of the map is a very interesting cartouche which includes a section of text from Vergil's Aenaeas.  There were only 3,400 copies of the map printed.  Of this edition less than 40 remain.  This is a very interesting map.  This is a beautiful map that will engage the eye and interest the mind!  $1150 


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 Abraham Ortelius, c. 1624, Peregrinationis Divi Pauli Chorograohicus. Uncolored, about 14 by 19 3/4 inches. This is a wonderful map of the Eastern Mediterranean showing the Apostle Paul's travels throughout the Mediterranean. This is a very rare map that will be outstanding when framed.  $1000   Also available in color.

George Cram, 1898, Cyprus Full printed color, about 10 by 13 1/2 inches. A detailed map of the island of Cyprus with the internal provinces differently colored.  Shows landforms, settlements,  towns  and roads.    Includes an inset of Crete.  $55 

George Cram, 1898, Cyprus Full printed single buff color, about 5 1/2 by 9 3/4 inches. A smaller  detailed map of the island of Cyprus.  Shows landforms, settlements,  towns  and roads.   $35